Saturday, August 9, 2008

NEW YORK 1980s

So I was reminiscing...I was so fortunate to live in New York in the '80s. Probably the best time to be living here...everything was in excess and the city was booming with new ideas and looks. Although I was very young, I remember the music that was dominating the airwaves and cars driving about. Now its called "Freestyle", but back then they were the jams! Groups like Pepples, Stacy Q, Expose, Sa-Fire, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Collage, Sweet Sensation, Stevie B, Noel, etc, were all the rage. It was actually the first time I paid any attention to music at all. I was also tuned in to HOT 97, the radio station that would broadcast live Dj sessions on friday and saturday nights from the clubs of the day including Studio 54 and the Palladium. Way to young to go, my brother and I would tune in from our car where we used to live in Jackson Heights, Queens. From these sessions I also discovered my other taste of House music. "...HOUSE MUSIC IS MY DRUG, HOUSE MUSIC IS MY DRUG..." a popular track stated. And so be it, my drug it was! But lets back it up to the car anthems of the day with these classic videos that were top of the charts....

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