Saturday, February 28, 2009


Rugs from West Elm $$

Rugs from Ikea $

Rugs from Madeline Weinrib $$$$

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Storage. The word alone reminds us of how much more we wish we had ! Whether in the tiny, cozy apartments of New York City or the soul-less McMansions of the mid-west, its perhaps the most practical of all requests from its inhabitant. Gone are the days of towering wall units and bulky pedestals. Do away with the slick, MDF Ikea furniture puzzles! Ditch those boxy units that hide it all!  Stop stuffing your personality behind faux compartments!
     The new look is the return to the romantic, the show of objects and personal belonging, the art of display, the beauty of ones possessions and varied collections. Whether it be your books and magazines, dinnerware, a collection of action figures or be it your Egyptian towels, its time to visually treat ourselves on what makes us spend those hard-earned dollars. Not only this reminds us of what have, but also teaches us when we need more and most importantly when to stop. One must however EDIT carefully, as these objects are now in the limelight, your personal gallery that besides yourself, others will view. So toss, donate and keep the looks, depending if they make the edit. Not only will you "Be on top of your shit..." but will also not be labeled a "pack-rat" And trust, nobody wants any rats, of any sorts, anywhere!
     My favorite storage looks consist of vintage or antique cabinets (French or Welsh) , industrial tables, pharmaceutical/scientific units, and rustic wood shelves. Their beauty lies in their "realness" to showcase the product and its presentation. A great source of these gorge units are to be found in flea markets, salvage yards, garage sales, but mostly in industrial plant shutdowns, office consignment shops and of course the TRASH around office buildings. Couple of sites that offer the look is and And if you can afford it, ABC Carpet & Home is perhaps the best retailer of the above examples. Whatever the picture, the unit is its frame, that brings it all together for all your current and future exhibitions at home...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


At Calypso Home 199 Lafayette St Soho NYC

Friday, February 20, 2009



Sang Bleu was initiated in 2004 in London as an attempt to create a publication proposing a contemporary and experimental vision of modern culture and style. Rejecting the usual categorizations and segmentations, Sang Bleu’s statement is to use Art, Fashion, Sociology, Literature, but also—more unexpectedly—Tattooing, Body Modification, Fetish and other subcultures to create a carefully composed image of modern urban societies and individuals. Whatever their background is, Sang Bleu will reach those with a poetic mind and a sensitivity for beauty and take them to countries they never knew about.  
              Personally I LOVE this magazine...the photography is REAL, the art direction is LEGEND and is already SOLD OUT of past issues...TOTAL COLLECTORS DREAM...But for about $85 an issue, its not gonna be on just anyone's coffee table...not in these times. But the victims of print and paper will have to give its look! Get it if you can!


RAZ EXCLUSIVE!!! Energetic, Popular, Urban, Colorful, Graphic, Fun...just a few words to describe the Australian fashion/lifestyle photographer Ben Watts. Produced by Zoom-In Online's new artist series, Designing Minds, the episode showcases the photographer, his work and his impact on popular culture. View the rest of their excellent series and more at  


I am and HAVE been loving these decoupage trays at John Derian. A less expensive alternative to framed art, these botanicals provide you with sensual and serene eye candy for yours walls, bookcase or your coffee table. I especially favor the red tones on these pieces and would love to have a grouping going on perhaps in an office area.  Retailing at $175 each and measuring about 10"x13", view these and a whole lot more cool stuff at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


I have just got one of the most inspirational books out there on the whole Greek lifestyle. And trust me folks, its quite a fascinating view of ultimate homes across this GODLY piece of land. This is the second book I own by publisher Thames & Hudson, the first being At Home in Sri Lanka, another gorgeous tome. At Home in Greece, travels to different parts of the country's many regions and breaks down the look for the reader from the Aegean Sea to the Acropolis. If you crave serene, relaxed and and drop dead scenery than this book's pristine photography will definitely be the ticket...perhaps a one way...never to return back! Gotta definitely go! >>>>>>>

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I am posting these gorgeous images of bedroom canopies. Not only does it add much needed drama and romance in the bedroom, it also conveys a calming serenity...instantly! Its like waking up and sleeping everyday in a luxurious resort. Not to mention the hanging fabrics, which diffuse overhead lights and create a nice glow...much needed after a hard days work! So for a quick look in the bedroom, get some light linen fabric (neutral colors work best) and hang on either wires or some rods and get it going...on. Complete the look with white lilies or red roses, a nice scented candle and finish it off with a chocolate/champagne combo. DONE! Stay in and have a great one you guys...


Luxe, decadent, expensive, chic, sexy...all at sale...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Interiors of the Assouline bookstore/boutique located in The Plaza Hotel 
So finally made it to the Assouline bookstore/boutique at the Plaza Hotel the other day. Although I am a huge fan of books by Taschen, Assouline is a very close runner up. They publish books that are sophisticated, masculine, and have excellent art direction. Like Taschen they do produce deluxe (expensive) editions of many of their titles. Books on Fashion, Art, Photography and Design are their chosen speciality.  They are also very much in the know on packaging and collaborating with other luxe and prestigious brands like Coach, Goyard and Chanel and carry an extensive line of gift items like gorgeous scented candles, stationary and desk accessories. I was drooling over their Cole-Hann man-bag retailing for $450 (see pic above). Ended up buying a small book on Paul Gauguin's journals he kept while in the paradise of Tahiti.  A cute price of $18.95...yes that's all from this luxurious little nook of a bookstore.  GO!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Yet another reason to go to Rio...You don't gotta tell Madonna...she knows the look. Look out for the March 2009 issue of W magazine...We are back to the "Bad Girl" days...Finally!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


All about Andres. Such a nice guy and uber modelo. Get it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


AERO home furnishings SALE  various discounts
Clean, Modern, Downtown Chic...Understated Luxury
419 Broome St., New York, NY 10013 
nr. Lafayette St.  212-966-1500


Kaiser Karl with Kanye & Krew. Another reason to STOP dressing up as cartoon characters. I mean come on....