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three gorgeous images that reminds us of the beauty of blue and its calming as well as its restorative qualities...beyond paradise!!!


January 09, 2009 — February 28, 2009
18 Wooster Street, New York

Rock on Mars, a retrospective exhibition of the work of Stephen Sprouse, will transform Deitch Projects’s 18 Wooster Street gallery into a realization of Sprouse’s rock and roll futuristic vision. 

Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004) was one of the most influential fashion designers of his time and a key figure in the dynamic mix of punk rock, wild style graffiti, and street influenced fashion that characterized the downtown New York community in the early 1980s. He was one of the first to build on the influence of Andy Warhol to create a fusion of art, music and fashion. He continued on a course that disavowed any division among these fields throughout his career. 

The exhibition will introduce Sprouse’s extraordinary pop-influenced paintings to the larger art audience. His paintings of iconic rock and roll imagery including stacks of loudspeakers, Sid Vicious with his pants down, and an Iggy Pop crucifixion, have rarely been seen. The show will also include a selection of the video works made to accompany his runway shows, examples of his fabric and furniture design for Knoll, and fifty of his most influential fashion looks. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008


RuPaul sent out a holiday greeting to promote his upcoming
show RuPaul's Drag Race and channels both Mr. AND Mrs. Obama.
Too funny and actually quite genius!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Leather and teak campaign chair available to order at 
Distant Origin in Soho, NYC

Campaign furniture has been steadily sneaking its way back into mainstream design.
Contact Richard Wrightman for these suberb models 

Campaign or knockdown furniture was portable military furniture designed to be disassembled easily or collapsible for ease of transport, often featuring side handles. While easy to disassemble, British military men of high social position did not compromise on style or grandness and some furniture required many servants to carry their weight.

Campaign furniture design came to it heights during the vast expansion of the British Empire during the Georgian and Victorian periods. British officers brought the latest fashion in furniture from home to the colonies. In some cases furniture was commissioned in exotic woods native to the colonies but following English styles of furniture. The popularity of this type of furniture was evidenced in that it was also included in the designs of some of the preeminent designers of the time including Thomas Sheraton, George Hepplewhite and Thomas Chippendale.

The clean lines of many of the pieces lend themselves well to modern applications.

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Two things you can do right now to CUT DOWN COSTS!
Go to these two sites and start printing coupons & promotions:

Cell phones: Take a look at your actual usage, and make sure your plan matches your behavior -- are you using all your minutes? Wasting money on extra services or old ringtones? I downgraded last week! 

Waste not, Want not!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ellen Evans Ceramic plates and trays at Aero Studios
Maison De Vacances cow-hair, linen and gold metallic pillow
Kiehls Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub
Perforated clay tea light holder by Gilles Caffier at Nest Interiors
Fringed "Handan Sultan" bath towels by Talesma at ABC Home
Incense by Esteban Paris at Aedes De Venustas
Colonial table lamp with Edison bulb by Roost
Peter Beard Volume 1 & 2 by Taschen (Actually a gift)
Havana Mood double CD by A.P.C
Figue fragrance by Christiane Celle at Calypso
Fleur De Cocoa and Baltic Amber candles by Voluspa
"Return to the Blue Lagoon" DVD starring Brooke Shields at Virgin 
Caldrea green tea patchouli linen spray at Gracious Home
"Exotic Birds of India" hand-painted pillows by John Robshaw
Various African objects, jewelry and textiles at J&S Imports

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One of my favorite models of the last decade (that's the '90s) Shana Zadrick was the epitome of allure and sexual prowess. This bad-ass bitch was everywhere with her cat-eyes and "nude" lip makeup. A darling and muse of photographer Steven Meisel, Ms. Zadrick was the look everyone wanted. Italian Vogue, Guess, and the face of Calvin Klein's first Escape fragrance, she had all of the looks.... on lock down. Anytime you turned around this girl's hair was getting bigger and bigger (Thanks Oribe/Garren!) and mouth ever so open.  And talk about perfect teeth...straight to death. The body: GORGEOUS, VOLUPTUOUS, VA-VA VOOM!!! Where is she now? Who knows, but lets say she's been and shall remain a legendary model of our times, the SEXIER ones at least. Miss you girl......

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Just can't get enough of that Moroccan look y'all ! I am MAD for it!!! Such beautiful objects with color, shape, craftsmanship and just plain
G  O  R  G  E  O  U  S -N  E  S  S  !!!
Recently discovered a new site and a company in Germany of all places that sells these exotic You can't really buy from there unfortunately, since its for retailers, but perhaps email the company for stores that sell the line. ABC HOME does carry some things from them, so you can start there for now...I did email them an inquiry, lets see what happens. I, for one have already done the look in my room and just don't wanna leave it...soo chill, so WINTER 2008! Pictures coming soon! ENJOY.