Friday, August 8, 2008


Here is superstar hairstylist, Amy Farid on her way to see her agent. Amy and I have been friends since like 1992...that making her the oldest friend I know. We have gone through a lot of stuff together in our lives and have accomplished some similar goals within the fashion industry. I love shooting with her since not only she can give you any hairstyle you want, any look, but take it to another level, and best of all that she is to this day, still excited about hair, photography and fashion. We both love to "play the role" here she is doing an impromptu of a Project Runway contestant...LOL! But really, she is quite a riot just like the video and has worked real hard to get to where she is. Ms. Farid divides her precious time between cutting at Bumble & Bumble, doing shoots, runway shows, her boyfriend Dave and their three cats. She also can cook, clean and most importantly knows how to put on a show and "Make it work!!" She is the the real HAIRDRESSER ON FIRE. See her portfolio at and catch up on her day to day adventures on


Anonymous said...

That was cute, Amy worked it out as usual. Its good you have placed your creative outlet towards another medium.

Miss M said...

That shit made me LAUGH. I miss you trolls! - why did I move to Pittsburgh again? Work it out, kids.