Monday, August 4, 2008


Yes I am writing about lip balms! Perhaps the only must have cosmetic and used by both sexes, it has become a billion dollar industry. There are all kinds of lip remedies. Now we all have used the popular standbys like Chapstick, Carmex, Blistix, and even a scoop of petroleum jelly to moisten up...but after years and years of all the rest, I am 'bout to give you my best. Here really are my top 3 that really go beyond the call of duty...Dr. Hauschka is what I am currently using and I have to tell you its real good shit. Got mine at Whole Foods in Union Sq. for sale for $12, normally it is $15. Feels smooth, a lite glow (not shine) and smells very botanical. A jar will most likely last about a month. Next up we have the very popular Burt's Beeswax which is quite noticeable in any hand with its bright packaging. Also nice with its smooth application is a sort of fresh, minty tingle once applied. Really nice in the winter. And at $3 a jar its the best price out of the batch. But the only problem is, I lose mine like within a week or so, plus the metal tin can be hard to open...alas, we move on to the next and most expensive balm du jour, Creme de la Mer's lip intervention. Promising marine extracts, botanicals and vitamins within its emulsion, La Mer's balm is the smoothest, yummiest thing I have put on my lips since Hazen Daz ice creme! Really a fantastic feeling as your lips seal up moisture and you don't need to apply as much. I had bought one back when I worked at Bumble & Bumble, thru our Estee Lauder discount (50% off) it cost me like $25, but for everyone else its a hefty $45. But make sure you put in a cool place,(like a fridge at night) as it tends to melt into some goo if left in the heat. Well there you have it beauty blog! LOL  Okay I need to re-apply....Dr Hauschka where are you????

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