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 supermodel chad white 
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Okay, for all of you out there that don't know: I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER! I know this blog mainly focuses on decor and other lush visuals, but another reason to the madness that is RAZ, is my ultimate love of shooting pictures. It started back in day, around high school the early '90s. At that time I was shooting my fellow high school buddies for our drama productions. That humble beginning evolved to shooting crushes, hotties, and obsessions of the day. I always shot boys and girls I wanted to capture and play with on film. It was always about a transformation, a setup, a fantasy. Without any formal training, I was shooting and shooting, not realizing that I was building my own particular way of framing, cropping and executing the shots. No digital, no photoshop,  just the magic of film. I began to look at the work of the best as well: Steven Meisel, Bruce Weber, Ellen Von Unwerth, Avedon, Peter Lindberg. After being published locally I wanted to pursue it in college, so I headed west to L.A and enrolled in art school...learned some art history, theory, and the lovely process of art making on a whole. But I knew I needed to come to the main arena: NYC. So here I am. Many, many shoots, some published work, a website, an exhibition and now a blog to talk about it! Its been a fun and at times painful ride, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Gawwd...the stories I can tell!
But for now, I'll say it with pictures. Some from the past, some from the present and as well as a foreshadowing to the near future. So no more long bios, just see this as an intro...the pics will narrate themselves perhaps. Incoming, get ready to see more photography, some NEVER before seen. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Born from a love of books and photography, Clic Bookstore & Gallery is the latest venture from Christiane Celle, founder of the popular Calypso fashion boutiques. Photographer Lyle Owerko’s “The Samburu” show marks the opening of Clic at 424 Broome Street, a brand new gallery dedicated to photography. 


This is next independent movie I am going to see at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


RAZ is LIVING for the art direction 
on these envelopes and postcards!

All vintage correspondence pieces 
for sale at Mayo Postal History

Check out RAZ fave home accessory designer 
John Derian, who utilizes vintage letters, 
postcards & envelope artwork in his creations: 

In an ever growing world that seems to be texting, emailing, faxing, instant messaging, commenting, myspacing, facebooking, and now twittering....RAZ celebrates the romance of postcards and letters from a someone out there. I personally find all feedback and responses very exciting, whether positive or negative. But perhaps nothing excites me more than finding a correspondence from a friend in a foreign city, state or even your own hood, amongst the regular barrage of bills, junk mail, and periodicals. Maybe its the thought of someone actually sending you more than an email with an attachment, or maybe its the handwriting, or the stamps, or that fancy stamping done by the post office? Well lets just say its the total look...a look that you don't just throw away. Its a mini "souvenir" from the sender, their handwriting, their choice of artwork, the day they mailed the piece...and its signed! Look at it as new artwork for your cubicle at work or the fridge! Instant conversation piece! Wow, people think about you all over the world! YOU are very popular! Well...the bottom line is that it does boil down to thought and effort...a lot more special than "comments" you receive on your social networking accounts. And they can be GORGEOUS to have and collect and perhaps one day bring you memories of the day you received them...ahhh the nostalgia! One of life's simple pleasures to have and moments to cherish....

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Just saw this extraordinary film at Lincoln Plaza. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009



No matter what your style of decorating or collecting maybe, it is essential for one to own something of tribal origin. It could be an African mask, an Indian deity, a hand-woven textile or a serving tray from Morocco. These pieces add history, culture and their obvious beauty in this over processed, over photo shopped world we live in. Of course lets not forget their instant drama they add to any look. Whether you pick something from a street vendor, or get a piece from an auction house, it is the equivalent of collecting art. Recently I personally have been a huge fan of primitive African and Indonesian wares. Been really loving black and white abstract wood pieces from Africa and ikat patterned fabrics from southeast Asia. Here is a great list of stores/places I visit on a regular basis for such pieces:

Jacques Carcanagues Inc.
Leekan Designs
Andrianna Shamaris
ABC Carpet & Home
J&S Imports in Union Square
Bangally African Expo
 Chelsea Flea market on the weekends


Loving the FRESH feeling of white right now. 
So simple, so understated chic.