Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Recently, I have been noticing a huge resurgence in the popularity of botanical lithograph prints as well as natural history engravings from the Victorian era. Working at ABC Home, I spotted two lines that we carry sporting these wonderfully gorgeous motifs. One ceramic designer, Laura Zindel from San Francisco,concocts vases, platters, tumblers, espresso cups and such featuring black and white drawings of birds, insects and various fauna. Another New York based designer by the name of John Derian practices the age old art of decoupage, the crafty term for cutting and gluing paper images to surfaces. Derian, an avid collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints, combines these with their glass accessories to such items as plates, platters, paperweights, lamps, coasters, vases... anything he can get his hands and glue on really! Both of these product designers have a huge cult following. Two major books that celebrate and really pull these creature-features in our hands, is of course by my two favorite publishers: Taschen & Assouline. Recently released, "Botanicals, Butterflies and Insects" covers some of the colorful and detailed works of the most prestigious names in botanical art. Taschen's oversize (about 13 pounds!) book collects all the major works of renowned seventeen-century Dutch pharmacist, zoologist, and collector, Albertus Seba. A must have or a must-see, both volumes are pretty much visual masterpieces. Out of all the sciences, I have always found life sciences (botany, biology, zoology) to be the most intriguing. So I guess that is a good reason why I am really into these graphics as of late. Also the fact that my own drawing skills aren't really are up to par with my photo-taking ones! So I give much due respect to all of those talented illustrators with that magic touch...

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