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COMME des GARCONS welcomes the return of their Series 4 Cologne, packaged in the familiarly oversized 500ml Splash bottles. The series consists of three different scents, including Anbar (Arabic for amber), Citrico (Spanish for citrus), and Vettiveru (Asian term for vetiver). All three offer an interesting array of scents, perfect for 2011. My personal favorite (and next purchase) is the exotic and sexy scent of Anbar.

Monday, December 20, 2010


photos shiraz ansari

The most fascinating, magical, diverse, socially responsible, artistic, and a paradise of a store in the world, ABC Home needs no introduction on RAZ. Located in the Flatiron district near Union Square in NYC, this mega store (6 floors) packs almost every and anything related to home decor. Whether you prefer modern, rustic, contemporary, ethnic, traditional or antiques, this is your ultimate one stop shop! Be ready for loads to look at and note all new ways of blending styles and genres. Their are almost no rules here, when it comes to merchandising and display as you can see in the photos shot this past September. Just have fun soaking it all in and know that you will be back for more...that's if your wallet allows it. Shop or telephone

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The island-loving jet set of Europe now has a new Mallorca hideaway. Cap Rocat, on a protected promontory on the southern flank of the Bay of Palma, is a 19th-century military fortress that has been converted into one of the region’s more remarkable hotels. Twenty minutes from Palma, the sprawling structure is almost completely buried and all but imperceptible from both land and sea. Only the canopies of the lounges on the terrace are visible on the horizon. The entire fortress has been converted into a boutique hotel with 24 luxury rooms and maintains 2 kilometers of private coastline. Much of the detail of the fort was retained and restored in order to preserve the heritage of the place. The former shooting pads were converted into suites, each with their own private patio and terraces, and the fortress’ former kitchen has been converted to a private kitchen exclusively for wine tastings and cooking lessons. Get some sun...BOOK IT NOW!


photos shiraz ansari

My boy Jeremy from Arlington, Texas
is looking at some major bookings in the coming months...
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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photos nick knight
Finally got this book today by Nick Knight. It was one of the main inspirations for my shoot titled "White Heat" back in 2008. It starred model Brandon Mills and was styled by Nathan Schorr. This book is a classic and I love the raw quality and style to it. A must have for any library.


New online decor mag! Looking good...check it out:

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Can't believe its already December! This month is always crazy, not just because of the holiday engagements, shopping and school finals, but because its the last month of the year to wrap it all up! Its the end of 2010 and people are rushing to get things accomplished this year. I know I am. Its just good to start 2011 on a fresh, clean slate...with new and exciting projects. No layovers, jet lag and exhaustion...just a great arrival. So this month on RAZ, we cozy up next to the fire to the incredible heaven of a store that is ABC Home, a first look at my new "business" cards, RAZ readers 2010 wishlist, and my personal dreamlist of everything gorgeous spotted in 2010. So stay tuned and get it going on while you still have time...cause its all about the power of NOW!