Monday, January 14, 2013


A new art gallery and home destination, Gallerie Noir brings a unique mix of modern, tribal, luxe and the all so chic to Dallas. Owner and interior designer Melissa Enriquez, creates an open floor plan to showcase contemporary art and home furnishings that not only please the eye, but are sensual to the touch. Triple-burnt teak, long-haired sheepskins, leathers, hand knotted kilms and silk pillows add a sexy vibe next to vintage and antique finds from around the world. Abstract art and poetic photographs linger in the background as one wanders thru the airy space. With an ever evolving calendar of new artists and home eye candy, Enriquez plans on bringing nothing but the alluring and intriguing into play. Noir never looked so good or so sexy.     p h o t o s  shiraz ansari     

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