Thursday, August 9, 2012


This boutique shop is based in London’s Knightsbridge and is the enterprise of Laura Meyer, a native New Zealander. Her love and experience of growing up in the South Pacific has led her to introduce to the world, Artisan pieces crafted across the South Pacific islands. These exotic items have been lovingly made by hand using natural materials and skillful traditional methods mixed with luxury European savior faire. Meyer spent many summers as a child in  Tahiti and it’s these precious memories that have sparked a passion for the South Pacific, and a deep appreciation for the unique crafts and skills the islanders possess. Atea Oceanie is the sacred place between the sea and the sky. It draws together the raw sensuality of the South Pacific with the subtle refinement of European luxury. Just gorgeous!

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janzi said...

wish I lived closer, but its a whole train ride away and so costly to get fares to London... I wish you all well, it looked superb in the photos.. J