Friday, October 21, 2011


event photos shiraz ansari

Working for Anne Fontaine since 2009, and finally finding my niche in visual display, the team at the Dallas boutique and I really pushed our creative forces towards a very special event. Just last night we celebrated the designer's foundation to preserve the Atlantic Rain Forest in her native home country of Brazil. Not only were 50% of all sales worldwide would help jump start the foundation, there are also an "eco bag" produced out of recycled plastic and 100% of all sales from that would also benefit the cause year-round. To celebrate, we enlisted RAZ's favorite friends to help with the look and feel of the night, including decor from Big Mango, floral from Avant Garden, sweet treats from Zaquan Latin Bakery, gorgeous girls from Wallflower Management and The Clutts Agency. To keep the Brazilian vibe alive, we served Caipirinhas and had live percussion music thruout the evening....It was a fun night and we hope we can celebrate and contribute again next year to such an important cause not just to Anne, but everyone at large who inhabits this gorgeous planet...Eco bags are $20, so pick one up today at an Anne Fontaine boutique near you or log on to