Saturday, March 12, 2011


FIRST LOOK into my newly bought 2bed/2bath/2balcony 950 sq ft condo in Dallas! Still decorating and getting it together, but here is the look so far. My friend calls it 'Moderne Moroccan'...kindly true...lots more to do and add, but just wanted to share whats been going on since I was not posting as frequent as usual in the last couple of months. Still waiting for a MAJOR piece (Its on lay-away!) and to paint the walls a cool white...but for now I am enjoying this little piece of RAZ all to myself! More updates and details of everything in the coming months...let me know all your thoughts!!!

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Pretty Primitive said...

Your into the exotic as much as I am. I Love it! Hmmm, I think you need a Moroccan mirror above the fireplace to reflect the light and the room. I see your pieces have touches of the Marrakesh. Either that or some great large tapestry on the wall. You need something large above the fireplace. Keep it coming. I'd like to see how it's progressing and comes together. Nice pieces. I WANT those vases by the fireplace.