Sunday, December 5, 2010


Can't believe its already December! This month is always crazy, not just because of the holiday engagements, shopping and school finals, but because its the last month of the year to wrap it all up! Its the end of 2010 and people are rushing to get things accomplished this year. I know I am. Its just good to start 2011 on a fresh, clean slate...with new and exciting projects. No layovers, jet lag and exhaustion...just a great arrival. So this month on RAZ, we cozy up next to the fire to the incredible heaven of a store that is ABC Home, a first look at my new "business" cards, RAZ readers 2010 wishlist, and my personal dreamlist of everything gorgeous spotted in 2010. So stay tuned and get it going on while you still have time...cause its all about the power of NOW!

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