Thursday, October 8, 2009


THE BOSS: Fabien Baron at his desk at Baron & Baron

I mean really...can any art director come close to the work of Fabien Baron? This is THE MAN to get you noticed, to revamp...anything, to give you a look. I first noticed his name back in the '90s when he then revamped the fashion magazine of that decade: Harper's Bazaar. Those fonts were just as exciting as the photos. His style is just eye-catching without trying so hard, like so many do in his field. I like that he can be conservative one minute and the next be the first to fuck it all up. You automatically wanna buy whatever he touches, and trust he has a lot to choose from. Not only has he been gifted graphically, Baron also is an amazing photographer, product and furniture designer, and commercial director as well. His look can be seen in numerous ad campaigns, books, magazines such as Arenna Homme Plus, Interview, and French Vogue and of course fragrances like CK One, L' Eau de Issey, and Victor&Rolf, just to name a few. I met him briefly at ABC Home earlier this year, and I noticed that he is quiet and powerful at the same time...much like anything he creates. He truly is a visionary artist and someone I truly admire and will continued to be inspired by...

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