Sunday, July 19, 2009


Its been exactly a month since my last entry here on RAZ and after day in and day out of thought, planning and debating, I have officially moved to Dallas, Texas! Yes I said Dallas. All my family is out here and I really do need to spend some valuable time with them. I also want to explore other life ventures like owning property and perhaps starting on a small business of sort. But at this time I can only say that I am embarking on a new and exciting chapter in my life. For the past nine or so years I was living the New York dream...I had SO much fun and experiences good and bad that can only take place there. I really fulfilled a lot of what I wanted to do there and yet there is a whole lot that still needs to get accomplished. I will not let New York or what its taught me escape my memory anytime soon. Instead I will utilize my lessons learned and apply it to my current life here.

On another note, this blog will continue on, as I am sure I will continued to be inspired. I will also still be shooting pictures both in fashion and lifestyle. I am actually very excited to be working with the options here, as I am sure it will be an interesting turn in my work...

Other than that, I will definitely miss my life in New York and most importantly its diverse, amusing, crazy, sexy, deranged, unforgettable yet all so inspiring people. And you all know who you are! I LOVE NY!

So wish me lots of luck and success as I start this very integral part of my life both with family, career and to all the new adventures it brings...xoxo RAZ

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